Demo Days – Nine Sols

I did not realize until the last possible moment that I played the same genre of the game as last week. Honestly, it is okay because the Souls-inspired action-adventure games are something that I enjoy.

This week though is Nine Sols.

Nine Sols is actually a Sekiro-inspired action-adventure game from Red Candle Games. The game has a crowdfunding project here and will be available on PC come Q3 of 2023.

I actually have no idea what was going on inside the demo,, except that the character you control gets transported to a realm where humans are ritually sacrificed for the Gods and now it is your time to end them. Anyway, the Steam page has a nice little tidbit for the lore:

New Kunlun, the Solarian’s last sanctuary, has remained quiet for centuries. Inside this vast realm, the ancient gods left mortals with a promised land that is forever protected by the sacred rituals, yet the truth of this world remains unknown to most. Everything changes when Yi, a long forgotten hero from the past, is awoken by a human child.

Combat is definitely Sekiro-inspired because the combat is focused heavily on parrying. Enemies hit hard and fast, like always and you will need to learn their patterns to master the fight. A majority of the time enemies show a glimmer right before they are about to strike making the combat a little easy, up until you are faced with mini-bosses and end-level bosses, which hit ALOT harder and require much more finesse. Wield a blade, I think, and slash enemies into bloody meat chunks as you race through levels, gaining chi and dashing through enemies dealing massive damage.

There are lots of platforming elements in the demo, but it seems only, for now at least, it is for traversal only.

There are five different enemy types in the demo: Swordman, archer, spearman, mini-boss, and boss. All unique fights, by the way. I like that every enemy type requires a different strategy to take down. It makes fights SUPER FUN.

The hand-drawn 2D art style fits the game really well. Damn good colors mixed with damn fine art make Nine Sols something of a pleasure to look at.

Nine Sols demo was something that sat in my Steam library for a long time and I am glad that I have gotten to it. The combat is fast-paced and brutal, and the story is something that I am relatively interested in. The game looks so promising, enough that 7300 backers contributed 360% to the creation of the game.

Looks super promising.

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