Steam Next Fest – Paradise Marsh


This week is Paradise March.

Paradise Marsh is an adventure game from Lazyeti. The demo is up on Steam as of this blog post and has no release date.

The demo just sets you off to do your own thing, so I’m just gonna copypasta the developer note of the story:

Every single star fell down from the sky into Paradise Marsh, a perfect endless wetland crawling with wildlife.
Wander around equipped with your trusty bug net and find a way to replenish the empty night sky.
Along the way, pick wildflowers, discover lost poems and meet intriguing and colorful characters who need your help…

Paradise Marsh is a simple game to navigate. You move and interact with things; that’s pretty much it. You can look inside your handy dandy notebook and read more about the insects and animals you catch in your net. Animals get spooked and run away especially frogs, so be quick to nab them. After you secure those pesky little guys in your net, a cut little poem giving a description of your newly found friend will appear and a majority of the time it is a really cute description.

The main goal apparently is to restore the stars in the sky and that is done primarily through catching animals and filling out the notebook.

The sky talks too, apparently.

Pixel graphics, I love you so much. Paradise Marsh has such a charm about it. Beautiful game with cute little animal/insect friends to catch.

I have been waiting for anything on paradise Marsh for so long that I was convinced nothing was going to come, but I was wrong. I enjoyed the five demo runs, catching fireflies, moths, frogs, and toads. Paradise Marsh is one of those podcast games: Just hang out, listen to a podcast, and just game.

I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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