– Mr. Maim

Waited until the last minute to find a game to talk about. I decided I would play some arena shooter involving mime and clowns’ killing each other.

This week is Mr. Maim: señor mimoerte.

Mr. Maim is a first-person shooter from a group of people tagged “Piratas del Plata.” The game is available for Windows, Mac, and even Linux.

Mimes hate clowns, that is news to no one. Time to kill a bunch of clowns before they “colorize” your black and white world.

Noisy, evil clowns want to turn you into one of them by colouring your world, don’t let them. Fight back! Use your powerful pantomimes to defeat the clowns and survive being colorized.”

It’s an arena shooter, so Mr. maim jumps high and runs fast. Combat is quick and hilarious. Clowns fall from the sky in a clown car and they just pop out and start chasing you.

Your arsenal consists of a knife, a chainsaw, a grenade, and a conventional double-barrel shotgun. Everything is mimed. The stabbing animation is there, but no knife, the same as other weapons. Personally, the grenade animation is still the best animation.

Clowns move around slowly and have terrible aim. It takes a lot of hits to lose the game but there are A LOT OF CLOWNS that are on the loose. As you get hit, color returns to the screen and when enough does, GAME OVER.

Only one thing to do: Go again.

The game looks decent enough for me. The UI at the bottom of the screen has a mime face, the weapon that is currently equipped, and clowns left to murder.

I never beat the game a single fucking time.

Mr. Maim is a game that is really fun the first few times but it eventually gets old. Enemies get caught on objects and I have no idea how the hit detection works. Before you know it your world is colorized and you feel like you never once had gotten hit. The same goes for the hit registration for the clowns; other than the object hitting them, there is no animation if they in fact got hit. Small thoughts that really don’t affect the enjoyment of the game. I played about an hour of the game and I had fun, but that is the last time I play Mr. Maim.

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