– P.E Noir & Goodnight Meowmie

I said I would not talk about any games this week, but I was browsing Itch and found a couple of games I thought would be worth mentioning. Two fun, short games; one mystery, one horror. This week is P.E Noir and Goodnight Meowmie.

P.E Noir is a point-and-click adventure from Picogram. The game, it looks like, released in 2018, is for the PC and is free.

Take the role of a Hall Monitor at Sunnyside Elementary School where there has been a string of fraudulent doctor notes being created by a particular student. The levity of the situation has reached all the way to the Principal and he has recruited you, his most trusted hall monitor to solve the case.

P.E Noir stays true to the point-and-click adventure genre. Each section of the school has its own panel with some number of objects on it that help you in search for the evil-doer. Just click around until you have collected all of the items in the panel. Take items to specific NPCs that give you items specific to other NPC and the game is eventually figured out. It never gets old, it is always fun. I like that P.E Noir atmosphere is way too edgy for an elementary school and that it is a fully aware game.

The game is honestly super cute looking. The soft colors added with the shadiness of the noir setting really combine into something that is cute, edgy, and easy on the eyes.

There are just jazzy mystery tracks playing in the background the whole time and man, are they good tracks.

P.E Noir only lasted about twenty-five minutes for me but the whole time was a blast. The characters are cool and funny, the game looks surprisingly good, and overall the game was quite a surprise.


Goodnight Meowmie is a narrative horror game from DDRKirby, Kat Jia under the Cocoa Moss label. It looks like the game released in 2020 on PC and is free.

Take the role of the owner of a cat named Meowmie, a cute little white cat. One day Meowmie gets sick and needs medicine, but there are things beyond that side door that are out for you. Navigate the house in search of food and medicine before it is too late.

The controls are pretty simple, all you do is move. There are a few interactions that involve the interact key but for the most part, you are just moving to navigate the house, and puzzles for that matter.

The game seems to look like it had been hand-drawn and animated accordingly. The staring room, the room with Meowmie, has warm, inviting colors to it, but once you step out that door in search of food and medicine, it is dim and frankly, scary.

The music in the game is also divided. The room has a warm sound to it, but the outside is dramatic and eerie sounding. There are moments when something chases you and the music gets louder, the screen gets red and the game adds a tv static filter to signal that something is coming.

Goodnight Meowmie is quite an experience. I’ve been a pet owner the majority of my life and I have to say that losing an animal is part of the gig. It is sad, and it is even sad in this game, but it is about the moments that are created from when they were alive that should be cherished and remembered. The game only lasted around fifteen minutes but I enjoyed every fifteen minutes. To not end on a sadder note, here is a picture of my cats hanging out by the window together, tolerating one another.

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