Demo Days – Anger Foot

I lied again. I played the Anger Foot demo four times. I’m going to talk about Anger Foot this week.

Anger Foot is an arcade first-person shooter from Free Lives. The game’s demo is available on Steam and will release sometime in 2023.

The demo has the player take the role of a masked man who resides in the city of Shit City. Shit City is corrupt, to the point that the police are part of the problem. The police have one of your favorite pairs of shoes hostage, and anger has reached new levels and it can only be quelled with murder. Traverse through apartment buildings, sewers, and even skyscrapers in search of the baddies.

Your foot is the most powerful weapon so you will be using it very often. Combat is extremely fast-paced with levels starting the action immediately. kick down doors, and enemies, and on some occasions, use guns to complete levels. Enemies are pre-determined (in the demo), so each run is going to be identical, but the idea here is the flare. Kicking doors straight off the fucking hinges to hit an enemy in the face, shoot two enemies, throw the empty gun to stun the last enemy, and kick the shit out of him to take his gun to enter the next room to rinse and repeat.


Anger Foot has the feel of Hotline Miami in first-person. Enemies are slow but don’t let it fool you, a few hits and it is back to the beginning. Levels are short and sweet. There are a bunch of anthropomorphic enemies, including a hand giving the finger as a head. Everything is just so fantastical.

Best music in a video game. The bass is BUMPING and the music is quick making each level a blast to run through.

Anger Foot is a gritty-looking game; colorful but gritty. Shit City is a literal shit hole. Trash, drugs, and alcohol are everywhere. There are moments when you can’t even enjoy the visuals because you are moving through the levels so quickly.

I love Anger Foot. There are games sometimes that people just resonate with and this is the game. Everything, as of right now, is totally fantastic. The movement is exact, the gunplay is good, the kicking feels heavy, the levels are awesome and the humor is just as great.

I cannot recommend this game anymore, go play the demo RIGHT NOW.

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