Demo Days: Frogun

I haven’t really focused on indie too much for a little while now, but I still had some demos on the backlog, so I figured I can figure something out this week.

I like frogs and this week if Frogun.

Frogun is a 3D platformer from Molegato and published by Top Hat Studios. The game will be released for the PC and is slated for the Summer of 2022.

You take the role of a little girl named Renata, whose parents are world-renowned explorers and have traveled all the way to the Bezelbub ruins for their latest adventure. After two or three days without contact, Renata takes it upon herself to rescue them.

The demo allows the player to play a significant amount of levels in a typical “ruin” setting. Levels are pretty straightforward: Run, jump, defeat enemies and collect coins and other collectibles without losing three of your lives. Renata can sprint, jump and use her cute little frog gun to traverse obstacles.

Areas are pretty large with lots of obstacles, enemies, and secrets to discover. The grapple mechanic is pretty fun and useful for more than just discovering secrets. There is a point in the demo where you get to race your “rival” and you can cut ahead with the use of the grappling hook. The grappling hook can also be used to grapple enemies and shoot them at other enemies. It is pretty enjoyable.

The game ultimately feels like a PS1 game. Not that all PS1 games felt wonky to play but Renata feels really stiff to control. Jumping isn’t difficult but grappling can be troublesome.

Frogun also looks like a PS1 game. It is really pixelated and dated. I really have no issue with the way that it looks, it has lots of charm. The enemies are super cute even though they are trying to kill you, and the environments are really colorful with backdrops that hint at secret areas within the level.

The music has some simple tunes that will most certainly live in your head for a few days.

Frogun was a really fun demo. The levels are pretty varied with lots of items to collect. The world and the characters are good enough for me. The Frogun demo is most certainly not difficult, it is inf act really quite easy but don’t let that stop you from playing the demo. It is really good time.

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