Spooky Short Stories – Late Night Mop

Today marks the reinstating of my talking about fun spooky games from Itch.io. I like to think that Itch provides some of the best horror games known to man. It is a treasure trove of games that fluctuate between fantastic and borderline terrible. This week is definitely one of those fun but spooky games. This week is Late Night Mop.

Late Night Mop is a first-person horror game from LixianGames. The game was released at the end of September for the PC at any price you want.

You are called to clean a house in the middle of the night, not knowing that some supernatural shit is about to go down. Use your mop and clean the house as fast as humanly possible before the spooky man gets you.

Late Night Mop introduces the two mechanics you will need to win the video game: Pick up the trash and mop those stains off the floor. There is a handy dandy piece of paper with all the areas of the house and when the cleaning of that room is done a checkmark appears signaling it is completed. You have the most powerful mop in the known universe as you mop what likes to be oil off of carpet floors.

The spookiness comes from the jump scares. There is a ghost running around the house trying to spook you and I have to say that some of the locations are pretty clever.

The game is pretty clean looking, for the most part, it is upon closer inspection that the game has some pixelated sections, which is ultimately fine.

No sound. Only the sounds of my wife and I’s screams.

Late Night Mop is a good start to Spooky Short Stories. The game is roughly fifteen minutes long and can be played three times over to get all the endings. It has enough clever spooks to keep your heart pumping for the entirety of the playthrough.

Fun game and would definitely recommend it.

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