Hand and Foot -Capybara Spa

I have played a lot of The Last of Us for the past week. I have completed both the main game and the DLC and so I pressed forth onto the second game. I did have to force myself to have my wife and I play this week’s game and honestly, it was fun bathing and feeding the capybara for almost five hours. This week is Capybara Spa.

Capybara Spa is a casual point-and-click, management game from Cozy Bee Games. The game was released in March of this year for the PC, and retails for $8.

No story, you are gifted with the finances to own a mountain top where you can clean it up and build a capybara paradise.

You are given enough money to clean a space and build your first bath. Capybaras then begin to roam in to get a bath and maybe some food. The cursor is your best friend as it does literally everything. Click the capybara and drag them to a bath and watch them as they smile and soak in the warm bath. A heart will appear above their heads when they are done with their bath, take them out, and receive their hard-earned capybara dollars.

This currency is used to either clear more space, build more baths or buy a plot of land for farming specific fruits that capybaras absolutely love. As you build said plots, capybaras begin to have more wants to fulfill. Sometimes they will want flowers, fruits, or even a nice warm towel while they bathe. This in turn gives you more money to upgrade your baths and such.

Upgrading allows for faster generation of fruits and flowers and more room in baths for more capybaras. That in turn generates more money to build more and more. As you dedicate your entire life to the capybara they will reward you with experience, in which, as you level up, more and more buildings will be available to the player.

The thing about Cozy Bee Games games is that they are always such cute-looking games. The animals that visit are absolutely adorable, including the baby capybara. Very colorful and very adorable, I love everything about this game.

Capybara Spa is a fun game. It provides just the right amount of upgrades when you level up, to keep you playing. Mind you, it is usually one item but I assure you, it is enough. A majority of the time my wife was playing the game and she absolutely adored just the concept of taking care of a capybara for a small time. The pace at which you can pick up and move capybara around during the later part of the game made me sick so I had my wife finish it up. At the end of the day, the gameplay is enough for anyone, it is a joy to look at all the time and the game is incredibly cheap.

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