Demo Days – The Abandoned Planet

I just blatantly forgot about Steam Nextfest and so I am here today to explain to you that I only played four demos. I am still going to blame The last of Us Part 2 for taking up a majority of my time, that and You Suck at Parking. This week is a nice little point-and-click adventure game about crashing and landing on an alien planet. This week I clicked my mouse at least 1000 times looking for secret stuff, this week is The Abandoned Planet.

The Abandoned Planet is a 2D point-and-click game from Dexter Team Games and will be published by Snapbreak. The game is slated to release for the PC around Q1 of next year.

It is very apparent that the main character crashes their ship on an alien planet. You have no idea where you are but know that there has been some sort of civilization on this planet previously. Point and click your way through puzzles to piece together how to get home and what happened to this ancient civilization.

Nothing The Abandoned Planet does gameplay-wise is different than most retro point-and-click games. You really kinda click on things that are incredibly noticeable but when you have run out of all possible thoughts, clicking randomly on the screen until something happens. I admit that I had done it a couple of times because I was just out of ideas.

There are a few puzzles that require some real thought to get through within the demo which, honestly, made me feel really clever when I figured them out.

Another one of those games that have been perfected and stylized with those pixels. I love the look of this game. From the basic, retro-inspired UI to the lush green jungles and eerily spooky underground caverns. Everything in The Abandoned Planet looks damn good.

There were moments when The Abandoned Planet had gotten me pretty frustrated with its design, but then I realized that it’s just natural to be stuck in a fucking point and click adventure game. As soon as I realized that, I cooled down and just kept searching until I found what I needed to find. These games need to be played in stride, if not then you forget why you are playing the game in the first place. Point and Click games are a special kind of game that, on occasion can have fantastic puzzles and a deep, interesting story. From this Thirty minute demo, I can safely say that The Abandoned Planet is going to be a good one.

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