Spooky Short Stories – The Mold Exorcist

Hello, sometimes I really don’t know what I am playing when I take the short, spooky games from Itch.io. A majority of what I look for is a short game that looks spooky. I really look for a game that can make me jump a few times and then it is over because I really don’t want to play a spooky game for that long.

I hate that spooky shit.

Anyway, this week’s spooky game is titled The Mold Exorcist. Where I Powerwash Sim. a home and maybe unleash an otherworldly being.

The Mold Exorcist is a spooky game made in 48 hours by Some Donkus. The game was released in January on ITch.io.

You are called to spray some mold off of all of the walls of a haunted home. Coupled with it being an OVERNIGHT shift, anything and everything will happen as you clean. It instructed that it is imperative that you begin spraying upstairs first so that the mold will not crawl up the sides again. So as you clean upstairs, sounds and voices begin to tell you a story. Etchings not visible begin to emerge all over the walls and the voices begin to be louder. Until you get downstairs.

That is when shit hits the fan.

The game is incredibly simple; you can walk, and you can spray. I’m sure that is it.

Mold Exorcist has some really great audio. The voices that talk to you are loud and have authority when they are mad. There is a fun little pop sounds that happen when you get 100% of mold on each wall. It has a good amount of spookiness to the atmosphere even if the game is utter rubbish.

The game has the good old PS1 style to it making it impossible to see anything that isn’t a straight line.

The Mold Exorcist is a weird little fifteen-minute game. As you continue to clean the ways and the voices discuss with you the mistake you are making you finally learn that all that rubbish has enormous consequences. The gameplay is rough, but it works for what it is going for, the atmosphere is actually really good and the premise is quite funny. This game is another one of those “I wish it was spookier.” The end is spooky but the ride, not so much.

I enjoyed it.

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