Spooky Short Stories – Skinned Alive

I really enjoy browsing Itch for spooky games. I should do it more often for other genres because there is so much creativity on that website. As for this week, get abducted and try to escape in Skinned Alive.

Skinned Alive is a spooky game from Viksy Productions. The game was released earlier in October for the PC and is priced at your discretion

Honestly, this is what happens when you stop to help someone on the side of the road; you get kidnapped. As you stop to help someone on the side of the road, their intentions are clear. Try to escape a dark, damp torture dungeon without being taken by the chainsaw man or demons that litter the area.

Skinned Alive at its core is a short puzzle-like game that has some added spooks. As you pick up your useless fucking flashlight, you also find a key that leads you into a larger area, and from then on it is clear that you need to search for keys to escape this hell. There are more than just a chainsaw man that wanders the area, but little demons whose sole purpose is to jump-scare the player.

The gameplay is nothing more than walking around, with WASD, aimlessly searching for keys that can be picked up with some random key on the keyboard.

It is directed that having headphones on and the volume turned up is the way to play and I did that until I was spooked the first time and I responded to that by promptly taking off said headphones and switching the speakers. Skinned Alive has a really great atmosphere. It’s pretty creepy, honestly.

Good old PS1-looking horror games. I like that they have become their own genre. There is something way more spooky when the character is block-shaped and everything else is unrecognizable.

Skinned Alive was the game I played right after playing Mold Exorcist. Both games were enjoyable but I do have to admit that I had a lot more fun with this game than the former. It has actually spooky moments, and for what it’s worth, I try to be as attentive as possible when playing horror games, but even Skinned Alive got me at least twice.

It’s got a good premise with pretty good execution for a 25-minute game. I had a lot of fun while playing it. The chainsaw guy could have used some work but overall, Skinned Alive is a pretty good spooky video game.

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