Steam Next Fest – Planet of Lana

This weekend I am going to MagicCon in Philly to hang out with friends, play magic and most importantly, hype up my Mr. Streamer friend. I am glad that he is doing well enough to be invited to the con to participate with everything and everyone. Anyway, last week started another exciting episode of Steam Next Fest. Lots of demos were present and I played many of them, but this week I am going to talk about the one that I was most excited to play and that is Planet of Lana.

Planet of Lana is an adventure platformer from Wishfully and published by Thunderful Publishing. The game has a planned release date of Q2 of 2023 for the Xbox and Pc, and does not have a set retail price.

You take the role of a young woman and her cat-like companion and travel across an unknown world filled with robots and absolutely gorgeous vistas.

The young girl that the player controls really does not do much other than the typical platforming, at least that is present within the demo. Most of the work is done through the controlling of the young woman’s companion.

Planet of Lana‘s gameplay mechanics relies much on the placement of the companion to solve puzzles. For the majority of the demo, the puzzle solving is mainly achieved through the utilization of the companion. The companion can do much more than the player, so that means that you can guide the companion to spots that the player cannot reach or do certain actions.

Puzzles are rarely on the difficult side but towards the end, they do become quite thought-provoking. Puzzle segments become longer and require a more thought-out approach. Toward the end of the demo, the player needs to disable the electricity surrounding a cable that attaches to a climbable box that the player needs to move to reach their destination. I personally liked the puzzles. The onboarding for both the control of the companion and the puzzle solving makes for a clear and approachable gameplay system.

There are also the run-of-the-mill stealth sections that also incorporate the companion as a bait and switch kinda thing. Robots patrol the area and it is imperative to move when it is not looking or it is game over for sure. It works, I have no issues with it.

The game is an absolute joy to look at. Planet of Lana has that 2D look with some effects that create a 3D feel. The backdrops are absolutely beautiful. You can see that the machines are a large part of the story through the backdrops. Planet of Lana is a really good-looking video game.

Nice soothing tones play in the background while traversing the world and solving puzzles and anxiety-inducing music plays in stealth sections.

Planet of Lana is a game that I found randomly on Twitter and I am glad that I got to play the demo. The gameplay is not anything special but the visuals mixed with the story really carry the gameplay. The puzzles were good, and the platforming was fine. All that I really hope for is that the platforming gets a bit more attention because as of the demo, it was really just a means to an end and nothing really exciting came from the platforming.

Other than that Planet of Lana was the quickest wishlist I have ever done.

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