Steam Next Fest – Mika and The Witches Mountain

After taking the weekend to play some magic and hang out with friends at MagicCon Philly, I wanted to get back and this week is a cute demo that reminds me a lot of A Short Hike and A Hat in Time. This week is Mika and The Witches Mountain.

Mika and The Witches Mountain is an adventure game being developed by Chibig and Nukefist while being published by Chibig. The game will release on all of those current platforms at some point in 2023.

As far as the player knows, Mika wants to be a witch but she has to work for it and that means working at a delivery company delivering packages to people. She can use the money to fix her broom so she can make it to the top of the mountain to attain her goal. In any case, like A Short Hike, Mika and The Witches Mountain is a game about growing up and finding your way in life, which is a game that I can get behind.

Mika and The Witches Mountain really is on the low end of a semi-open world as the beachside town that the game resides in is quite large. NPCs sit outside buildings with little exclamation points over their heads indicating they have a quest for Mika. Other than a little platforming with a huge wooden box as the delivery, most of your traversal is in the form of the broom you have repaired by a townsperson. The broom is absolutely terrible in the beginning, but by the end of the demo, Mika can fly an impressive amount of distance before the broom gives out.

The broom gameplay is, honestly, a pain to get used to. It is incredibly sensitive and if you meddle with anything during the flight, Mika will just whip around and stay in a single position and fall to the ground. It is a pain in the ass for only a small moment and it does get better as Mika upgrades her broom.

Mika has a job now and she has to be a proper delivery person, which means that she has to be a professional. Deliveries on time and undamaged reward more than a destroyed one. Something to keep in mind while playing the demo.

Mika and The Witches Mountain is a gorgeous-looking video game. From the actual aesthetic of the beach town to the panels during the conversations between characters, everything is just pleasing to look at.

Mika and The Witches Mountain‘s demo was an absolute blast to play after figuring out how to fly properly. It would have killed it if the flying would have gotten any worse. I enjoy a good story about growing up and Mika and The Witches Mountain looks like it has a decent story to prop itself up. The gameplay is simple and rewarding when you make deliveries without destroying the package.

In the end, Mika and The Witches Mountain is a cozy game that looks great and, for the most part, plays well. The Kickstarter can be found here.

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