Quick Thoughts – Death Stranding

This may be unusual but I decided that I would take some time to talk about the AAA games that I have been playing. Now it isn’t going to be like my usual posts, but just an accumulation of thoughts after completing the game. Short, sweet, and all personal opinion.

This week is Death Stranding Director Cut!

  • Even though I had no idea what the fuck was going on behind the narrative, character motives, the world-building, and pretty much everything else, I really enjoyed it.
  • Norman Reedus, and for the most part the entire cast, does a phenomenal job portraying the weird characters that Hideo Kojima has thought up.
    • Reedus doesn’t outshine any one actor/actress but mixes well with the likes of Troy Baker.
  • My wife and I personally love Guillermo del Toro’s character.
  • Death Stranding looks phenomenal. Every time I walked out either a distribution center I was in awe of the drawing distance and the world that inhabited it. Mountains, rivers, meadows, and the rockiest terrain I have ever seen fill the world.
  • I spent 32 hours playing this video and I have to say that I was hesitant about walking but once I sat down and really just took the time to figure it out, it’s actually great.
    • Each type of terrain has its own variables to look out for so that the player does not fall.
  • Connecting to the network and seeing player-created structures in the world is the most fun and stress relief I have ever experienced in some time.
    • Knowing that I don’t have to ford a deep river or climb a steep ledge is indescribable in terms of sheer happiness.
    • Finding player vehicles to help cross long distances really makes the game 100% more enjoyable.

Death Stranding is a masterpiece of a video game and I will die on that hill.

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