My Cozy Place- Paradise Marsh

It has taken me an eternity to play some of these games that sit in my Steam library. I am progressing slowly, but this week is Paradise Marsh.

Paradise Marsh is the coziest adventure game from LazyEti. The game was released in October of 2022 for the PC, Xbox, and Switch. It retails for $10.

In Paradise Marsh, the constellations are missing and you need to collect the appropriate amount of insects, and frogs to make the night sky whole again. There are also fun and enthusiastic birds that recite poems for you while you wander this endless paradise searching for a deeper purpose.

You have a notebook and a magical net that, once caught, every single piece of information bout that specific insect or frog will be written down for the players viewing pleasure. This notebook is important as it is the main guide for completing Paradise Marsh. Each and every insect/frog/toad is required to be caught a number of times before the constellation can be shown to the player, but catching each and everyone is a task all on its own.

Each insect requires a different approach to catch, for example, spiders are hesitant with motion, and the beetle/frog will immediately fly/run away when it sees the player. There are lots of insects to collect throughout your journey, so be ready for a bunch of different methods to catch them.

Paradise Marsh is a cute minimalist-looking game. The environment has little detail but it fills that void with a beautiful color template. Though the game is endless and the developer could have just looped the same environment over and over, they added fun, seasonal flair. Snow, rain, and sunshine are a few weather options that the player can run into while exploring the infinite marsh.

Disasterpeace has done the soundtrack to the game, which makes the game go over the top. The feeling of vastness is present with odd-sounding tones that feel like they stretch forever.

If you have two hours, or at least want to play a game while listening to a podcast, then Paradise Marsh is up there. The narrative is deep and clever, and the gameplay is relaxing with a small dose of bug-catching. The look compliments the cozy gameplay and the music is from a musician I adore.

Could it be one of the great cozy games?

Yes, 100%

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