Quick Thoughts: High on Life

I only ever played High on Life because I was without internet for just about two weeks. I blew through this game while my wife was watching and I really felt like I should give a short, quick talk about what I liked about the game.

  1. I really enjoyed the humor for the first few hours and after that, it really began to fall flat like the game was running out of steam. The jokes were really good in the beginning with the bad guys killing humans for the sake of drugs.
  2. Guns talk a lot and are fun sometimes but it did get boring by the end of the game.
    • The variation of guns is cool but I always just stick with either the starting gun or the shotgun because it was voiced by JB Smoove.
  3. It’s hard to sympathize with literally anyone or anything in the game. The narrative is just bad and is only present for a gag.
  4. Combat is boring and has almost no depth to it.
    • Shoot the fucking gun. That’s it.
  5. The movement is the most enjoyable aspect of High on Life. You can really go fast and make some awesome displays of acrobatics.
    • You walk into an arena, jump around, shoot the guys, have a laugh, and go next.
  6. The game is a joy to look at. After the player tucks their tail between their legs, High on Life really goes all out with the Sci-Fi.
    • Though it is noticeable that a lot of the NPCs share a close resemblance to each other, it is really pleasing seeing the hub area really bustling with life.

Regardless of how Justin Roland sucks, the game is fine. I stopped playing after I completed it in the speed run-like fashion that I did. By the end, I was really glad that the game ended.

By the way, the ending is dog shit and the game really suffers.


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