Demo Days – Bread and Fred

I will be swift when I say that I got baited this week. I played a game thinking it was an entirely different game and I was HEARTBROKEN. This week is Bread and Fred.

Bread and Fred is a co-op platformer from Sandcastles Studios and published by Apogee Entertainment. The game is set to release for the PC in May 2023.

It has been said that Bread and Fred were birthed out of Twitch “rage games.” In any capacity, Bread and Fred is about a pair of penguins that have to adventure up and over a mountain.

Bread and Fred is just Getting Over It. The gameplay is practically the same. The name of the game is using physics to your advantage in crossing crevasses and hard-to-reach areas and if you miss that jump, then you are falling until you stop; backtracking a significant amount. This time around in Bread and Fred instead of using a hammer, the player is using a friend. Bread and Fred is a co-op and the functionality is what makes it depart from games of the genre.

Having a friend makes the experience so much more fun because of those genuine interactions when making split-second decisions. It also makes it harder and more aggravating to rely on someone else to make close throws and jumps.

Cute pixelated graphics are on display here. I really like the look of the penguins and the mountain environment.

Bread and Fred is a game that I will never play. It is not that I do not find the game appealing, it is primarily because “rage games” are made for streamers and Youtubers and I am neither of those things. I have nothing to gain from playing Bread and Fred and I will be honest about it. I downloaded the game blindly thinking that it was a co-op platformer, not a game that was specifically made for people to get mad at on the internet. For what it is worth though, I did have fun playing the game with my wife as a co-op partner. The single-player is offered if you cannot find that co-op buddy, which is a really good call.

Cool, well-executed concept, but not for me.

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