Restless Indeed – Restless Soul

It is just backlog month. I think it is going to be that kind of month where I knockout some of the mile-long list of games that I want to play and never got to. I wanted to play Fight Knight but I decided to play an older game so, this week is Restless Soul.

Restless Soul is an adventure game from Fuz Games and published by Graffiti Games. The game released in September 2022 for the PC and Switch and retails for $15.

You are dead. You awake in the afterlife and aim to get back to the world of the living, except The Grim Reaper has been dethroned and the big bad guy is looking for a way to the waking world to convert the living into his undead army.

Restless Soul‘s narrative is flimsy, but the comedy aspect keeps the game afloat. The comedy is really, really, REALLY cheesy. It is a unique kind of humor where even the narrator jumps in every once and a while to poke fun at the protagonist. It is lite-hearted and fun a majority of the time and the comedy really persists to the actual end of the game.

Gameplay is pretty simple: collect all eight keys by talking to town spirits, figuring out where the tower is, fighting the bad guys, and collecting the key. Tower battles take on a bullet-hell type of gameplay that most of the time is easy but towards the later sections, can be quite difficult. There are a bunch of secrets in each town to discover and, if you are diligent enough, can even acquire a double shot. Gameplay is fun, each tower enemy and the boss has a different bullet-hell pattern to learn and the puzzle sections lean more on simple pushing of blocks, which is fine because it breaks up the constant bullet-hell combat.

Restless Soul looks like a Pokemon game with a close-up camera. Nothing to see but black and white, the sprites are cute and sometimes the design really takes some neat turns.

There is exactly one song. I like it.

Restless Soul was a fun video game. It is a simple and fun adventure for the entire four hours. The comedy may seem like it is getting drab throughout the game but there are certain points where the game actually made me laugh. The narrative never really gripped me, but the overall presentation of the game and the gameplay is what made me stay.

The tutorial is 100% the best section of comedy in the game.

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