Demo Days – Genokids

I’m back and thought I accidentally downloaded a porn game demo. Thank God it was just a beat ’em up.

This week is Genokids.

Genokids is a hack-and-slash/beat ’em up from Nukefist. Genokids will release for the PC (with maybe a console release), but does not currently have a release date or a price tag.

You take control of a band of four and their adventure to defeat an alien invasion.

Genokids combat makes for quite the spectacle fighter. Every executable move makes a torrent of lights and sounds, juggling purple aliens into the sky until they drop dead. There are a bunch of enemy types to beat up on in the demo. You have the grunt, heavy grunt, flying guy for aerial combat, and a guy that blows up every once and a while, plus the end demo boss. Even with a limited move set, I found myself really enjoying the core combat.

The player can switch between band members on the fly to suit whatever combat needs they would prefer. The demo introduces two of the four members of the band, both close-quarters brawlers.

Players have a health bar, a gauge for spectacle moves, and a bar for “hype,” or the ability to deal lots of damage fast. It is all very easy to understand when the onboarding for the demo was very well laid out for the player.

I just wish the key binds for the mouse and keyboard weren’t so odd.

The game looks good for how early the game is in development. Everything has an edgy tone to it, even with the voice actors and the environment. Very colorful and stylish.

Genokids was a game that I really thought was going to be a porn game but ended up being a really sweet spectacle fighter that has just enough in the demo for me to wishlist it. The combat so far is very fun. I played it twice; C then a B, and both times it was incredibly fun to play.

Genokids really has something special, and I am here for it.

Kickstarter here by the way.

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