320 Day Hiatus – Ooblets

The first time that I played Ooblets, there was barely any meat on the game. The farming sim was there but there was zero incentive to continue playing after only a few hours.

I got bored after four.

I’m back, after 320 days to give an update on Ooblets on the eve of their Port Forward update that is slated to release sometime today (6/12/21).

Whatever, lets continue playing a game about deckbuilding, collecting creatures, a farm sim and dancing.

Nullwhere and the Wildlands are the most recent areas, with Port Forward releasing a day before this post goes up. Nullwhere adds a continuation of the story to active the Oobnet while the Wildlands allow the player to donate their Ooblets to revitalize the area and receive mini areas to explore, and rare items to harvest.

Nullwhere added along side a new area, a bunch of new Ooblets to battle against. A brain with long legs, a potion bottle and something called a Chickadingding and more! Just like the previous desert area, there is a gang (or cult this time) hiding out keeping people away from the Oobnet tower and it is up to the player to defeat the bad guy and turn on the second tower. Nullwhere, at its core, feels like the previous area but with Halloween decorations. Tons of new seeds are available for purchase and region specific resources are available to find… and that is pretty much it.

The core of the gameplay does not look like it has changed much but with added seeds, weather, Ooblets, tools gadgets, and much more quality of life improvements.

Added seeds and Ooblets extended the longevity of the game. Allowing players to buy new seeds to take the time to grow, harvest them and discovery new ways to incorporate the new fruits of their labor into the daily mix of the game, or sell them.

Newer Ooblets are cute and pretty useful, honestly. The battle cards amend one of the grievances I had with the game before, that the battle system had no way of negating the effects of negative cards (fluster and trepidation cards).

Weather effects are more or less just snow, which is okay. I was going to put the game down because it had snowed for five days in a row. I was so short supplied in terms of EVERYTHING that I was essentially stuck until the snow passed. I could not purchase any of the heaters to thaw my crops. It was really annoying until I read that the rate of snowfall was scuffed, so I decided to persevere.

I am really glad that I kept playing because Ooblets has become quite a fun game. I fully expanded my home and have become an expert farmer. I honestly just place Oobcoop wherever I see fit and never fully recognized that there are certain areas of effect the coop has, but I do not care.

My house looks good, my farm looks good and my style looks good.

Ooblets is not in its infancy anymore. The world has expanded and so too has the mechanics, ooblets, seeds and just about everything else and I cannot wait to play the Port Forward update.

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