Port Forward- Ooblets

*EDIT: If you would like to read my final thoughts on Ooblets as it has been released into 1.0, you can do that here.

Because I screwed up and thought that the Ooblets Port Forward update launched on a Friday, which it realistically launched the next day, here is my thought on the update.

Port Forward is a continuation of the Ooblets storyline where it is up to you to bully adults out of squatting in the Oobnet towers, turn it back on and plunge Badgetown into the modern era.

Port Forward is blocked by a child gaming prodigy and the only way through is to knock their ass off the leaderboards. There are at least five arcade games to take a crack at, all of which require tokens to use. The arcade cabinets are largely based on games I’m sure many are familiar with. The games are difficult but never frustrating and reward the player with tickets to spend on cute attire for you and your ooblets.

The list of recipes and crops are expanded with the introduction of Cellulettuce and Thimbi. The ooblets of Port Forward only go for the cuisine of the area so buy as many seeds as possible at the seed store.

There are a couple of shops that have opened up as well in Port Forward: A full-stop Halloween store and a basic Bunglebee store. Nothing great, just more options to decorate your home with.

The Port Forward update so far has generated more playtime than I have played previously. Ooblets has really grown into a farming sim that I can enjoy. The grinding for wishies to be able to purchase the recipes for the Port Forward ooblets is a tad annoying but it honestly just lets me enjoy the game more.

With the inclusion of so many more ooblets since the games release the dance battles, at times, can feel deep and rewarding when some ooblets can synergize with others to create overwhelming combos. The battles are still pretty easy but I’m never really looking for a challenge, honestly.

There is so much content now and I cannot wait to see how the game shapes up as it is getting closer to its 1.0 update.

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