Final Thoughts – Ooblets 1.0

Ooblets is a game that I have been playing since it was released on the Epic Store an eon ago. I have updated my review every time the game received a major update. Today is the day that I can say that these thoughts below are my final thoughts on Ooblets.

The story of Ooblets has been shaped quite well. The overarching objective has been to activate the Oobnet towers to save the city of Badgetown. Blank has incorporated a government cover-up to the story that really wraps up Ooblets in a nice, comedic little bow. I enjoy the Ooblets story not because it is serious, but because it works so well within the world that it is told. The Ooblet High Council hates Badgetown and it is up to you, and only you to figure out why.

Nothing has really changed in the gameplay department. The 1.0 update brought a way for the player to sell all the shit they do not need to the inhabitants of Badgetown. The player can open, customize and upgrade their own store. I am pretty sure everything has value, so you can sell a lot of items to increase the avenues to accrue currency.

Ooblets started out with only a few locales to visit, but now it has, I don’t know, a total of at least six different areas to dance battle and collect Ooblets.

Even though I do believe that the beginning Ooblets are the best Ooblets, some of the new ones are equally adorable and fantastic in battle.

I love Jama personally. A little yeti in an adorable jacket.

Ooblets has a certain charm to it and it continues throughout the entire development process. Each area still has that Ooblets charm with lanky characters, dressed to the T in something ridiculous all cobbled together in the bright, colorful palette that the game began with.

It still kinda gets to me that Mayor Tinstle’s briefcase still clips inside of her body.

Battle music has been revamped and perfected. All of my favorite songs have gotten an update and damn, they sound even better than before.

Ooblets has become a perfect cozy video game. The game has a few small issues but nothing that would really destroy the game. The banter between the characters is some of the most fun I have had in a video game because everyone is so relatable. The new Ooblets, areas, and even the introduction of the store mini-game are all welcome in a game like this. There is enough content here to provide a significant amount of playtime. I think I have at least 50-75 hours in the game and there is still so much to do.

Ooblets has become one of my favorite games to fully release in 2022.

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